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CAROLE SYLVAN – Something Goin' On

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Caro Schwarz


"Sometimes the most beautiful music comes to your attention by chance.  The new Something Goin' On by Carole Sylvan is one of these coincidences.  The musician is certainly no stranger to fans of soul & blues and you can look forward to a few concerts in the USA this summer"

Jaw - Dropping Radio

Music Review Staff


"Beautiful, talented, and compelling.  Carole Sylvan is all that and more on "Savin Up For Your Love."Her beauty and mesmerizing voice give the world a soulful track that cannot be ignore or skipped."




"Like finding a lighthouse far in the ocean crowded with waves, we found Carole Sylvan and her new EP "Something Goin' On" in a vast catalogue of wonderful music, she made us breathe, stop and enjoy a different sound."


Carole Sylvan – Love

The Orchard – 2021

10 tracks; 38 minutes

Information on both Carole Sylvan and this album was hard to find, but I have gleaned that Carole is an experienced singer from New York who has performed with a wide variety of acts, done commercials and movie soundtracks, but this is the first album under her own name that I could find. Carole handles all vocals (lead and background) and is supported by a wide cast of musicians, the core being Charlie Karp (Buddy Miles) on guitar, Scott Spray on bass and Bobby T Torello on drums, both of whom played with Johnny Winter, amongst others......READ MORE.............

Carole Sylvan "Love" Album Review

New England Music Hall OF Fame

Reggie Munson -Contributing Writer


Artist- Carole Sylvan
Album- “Love”
Produced By- Vic Steffens

Today we take a look into International Recording Star Carole Sylvan’s new album titled “Love”. This powerful and soulful, 10 song album is set to be released from The Orchard on May 1, 2021. Produced by Vic Steffens, this album features a powerhouse lineup of musicians including New England Music Hall of Fame inductees Bobby “T” Torello and Scott Spray.
Carole Sylvan is no stranger to the mainstream music scene, having scored a billboard top 10 hit with her song “Just Doin’ What We Love” in 2009.....READ MORE.............

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